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Villa la Angostura - Excursions
Excursion to Lago Correntoso

Departure towards Correntoso Lake, which is just 4 km away, along National Route 231 on the Seven Lakes Road. There we will come across Correntoso River which, depending on the lake level, ranges from 165 to 300 metres long and is considered the shortest in the world. The water is transparent and greenish. It owes its name to its strong current, mainly due to the difference in level that exists between the two lakes that Correntoso River brings together: Correntoso Lake and Nahuel Huapi Lake. Its source is in the homonymous lake and its mouth is n Nahuel Huapi Lake and at a height of approximately 20 metres, a road bridge crosses it, leading to the Seven Lakes Road on one side and the city of San Carlos de Bariloche on the other, after passing by the town. Return to the hotel.

It lasts: Half day It is available : All year long
Excursion to Cerro Bayo

Departure. We will go along National Route 231 and then Provincial Route 66, crossing the Bonito River Valley and travel 6 km to reach Bayo Hill. This hill, which is located at the Patagonian Andes range, is 1,782 metres high. It is surrounded by woods that are part of the stunning views of Nahuel Huapi Lake. The base of the ski resort is 1,050 metres above sea level. The total height of Bayo Hill is 1,782 metres above sea level, and we can climb up there to get a magnificent panoramic view of the surrounding lakes and hills, Nahuel Huapi Lake, Tronador Hill, and Quetrihué Peninsula, Return to the hotel.

It lasts: Half or Full day It is available :All year long
Excursion to San Martin de los Andes with 7 lakes route

Departure towards San Martín de los Andes along the "Seven Lakes Road." There is a succession of lakes: Espejo (Mirror), Correntoso (Draughty), Escondido (Hidden), Villarino, Falkner and Machónico, until reaching Lácar Lake, The city of San Martín de los Andes is located on the banks of that lake. On our way back, we will pass by Meliquina Lake, Paso Córdoba and along Traful river up to the confluence of the Traful and Limay rivers, where Encantado (Enchanted) Valley is. We will move on to Villa la Angostura.

It lasts: half day It is available : Oct to March
Bosque de Arrayanes
It lasts: Half day It is available : All year long