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San Martin de los Andes - Excursions
Excursion to Quila Quina

Departure by National Route No. 234 to Villa Quila Quina. This beach is located on the left bank of Lácar Lake. The area is very attractive due to its vegetation. Its water is suitable to do water sports and there is an organized campsite. We will enjoy the scenery until noon and then go back to San Martín de los Andes.

It lasts : Half day It is available: All year long
Excursion to Lago Huechulaufquen & Lanin Vulcano

Excursion to Huechulafquen Lake and Lanín Volcano. Breakfast and departure, along National Route No. 234 from San Martín de los Andes and Provincial Route No. 61. The latter follows the Northwest course of Chimehuin river (Chimehuin means "where the big cat lives" in Mapuche), which runs on the right. Then we will arrive at the eastern end of Huechulafquen Lake, a gateway to Lanín National Park, where we can see the source of Chimehuín river, which is an attraction of particular importance, internationally known as one of the most famous sport fishing places in Patagonia. In this area, the Cañicul and Raquitué Mapuche communities offer typical crafts and cuisine. In Canoa Port, there are boats that enable us to enjoy lake excursions accompanied by specialized and skilled guides from Lanín National Park. Countless beauties are framed by this water mirror and the Andean mountains, where the Lanín Volcano stands out. This volcano is 3,776 metres high. The summit is covered with snow and ice all year long, making up an icecap that is several tens of metres thick. Its slopes, which appeal to mountaineers and adventure lovers, have vegetation that is up to 2,000 metres high. Return to San Martín de los Andes.

It lasts : Full day It is available:All year long
Excursion to Cerro Chapelco

Breakfast and departure along Route 234 and then on to Provincial Route 19 towards Chapelco Hill. The largest ski resort in the Province of Neuquén is there, and you can do alpine, Nordic, and cross country skiing, as well as snowboarding. It has a ski area of 140 hectares, from the base, located at 1,280 metres above sea level, to the summit, located at 1,980 metres above sea level. 20 slopes and 10 lifts can transport 11,600 skiers per hour. From the base of the ski lift centre we can see a unique landscape, with Argentine and Chilean peaks, and the Lanín Volcano. In summer, this centre becomes a place to do unconventional tourism activities such as mountain climbing, mountain biking, paragliding, trekking, horseback riding and golf, among others. We will go down to San Martín de los Andes along Provincial Route No. 19. On the way back, we can visit the Myrtle Lookout Point and the Centenario Natural Reserve. Arrival at the hotel.

It lasts : Half or Full day OpIt is availableera: All year long