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Argentina North - Excursions
Excursion to Cafayate

Breakfast and departure along Route 68 towards Cafayate, a quaint village where you can buy handicrafts. We will visit a Wine cellar and the Museum of Calchaquí Indian Art (Museo de Arte Indígena Calchaquí.) On the way back we will stop at various spots to appreciate the different natural rocky accidents, such as La Garganta del Diablo (Devil's Throat), El Anfiteatro (the Amphitheatre), El Obelisco (the Obelisk). Further on, we will stop in Alemania and then in Cerrillos, before arriving at Salta.

It lasts: Full day It is available: All year long
Excursion to Quebrada de Humahuaca

Breakfast and departure along Route 34. We will go to the city of San Salvador de Jujuy and then move on to Purmamarca and Tumbaya, where we will appreciate The Hill of 7 colours. Further on, we will cross the Tropic of Capricorn and then Tilcara, where we will visit Pucará and the Archaeological Museum. Then we will pass by Uquiz and see its old chapel with an Altar laminated in gold, and then we will arrive at Humahuaca. After touring the village we will go back to Jujuy for a brief tour of the city. We will return to Salta along mountainous roads through La Cienaga Dam, Campo Alegre Dam, La Caldera and then we will arrive at the city.

It lasts: Full day It is available:All year long
Tren to the Clouds

Departure from Salta railway station, passing by Alvarado, Rosario de Lerma, Campo Quijano, Quebrada del Toro, Alisal, Puerta de Tastil, Meseta, Diego de Almagro, Cachinal and San Antonio de los Cobres stations. The train, which has ten cars, is hauled by a diesel locomotive and a car equipped with an infirmary, information transfer central cabin, a restaurant car, a bar car and seven cars with first class seats, with a capacity for 520 passengers. In order to go up, it zigzags twice, back and forth, continuously rising in the areas known as El Alisal and Chorrillos. It “loops” twice, once in the open sky, with the tracks within a radius of 130 metres and ramping up two percent, it moves forward a few hundreds of metres until setting the train on a second parallel track, receding 750 metres along it and then it moves forward again. As the hillside ended there, the engineer Maury drilled a curved and blind 88-metre tunnel, under which one end of the train goes, then it switches to a third parallel track and moves forward once more, going up from two to three percent. It passes by El Alisal again, but this time 54 metres up. Besides, the train "flies" over 13 viaducts and iron bridges without railings. The tour lasts fifteen hours and reaches its climax on La Polvorilla viaduct, located 4,200 metres above sea level.

It lasts: Full day It is available: Apr to December
City tour arround Salta
It lasts: Half Day It is available: All year long