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El Chalten - Excursions
Trek to Laguna Torre

This trek includes the valley of Fitz Roy river up to its source, and Torre Lagoon, all inside the National Park. From the town, there are two paths that can be taken (where the valley starts or in the northern area of the town) which will come together further on. Along the way, the path has several panoramic spots that will enable us to appreciate the Solo hill, Adela hill range and the stunning Torre Hill. As we move forward, we will discover Grande and Torre glaciers. Shortly before reaching the lagoon, we will arrive at Padre De Agostini campsite (a free campsite with no services) in a sheltered area of the woods. From there, we will continue along the river for 500 metres up to Torre Lagoon and its magnificent view: the Torre glacier and the front part of Grande glacier, Adela hill range, Torre and Mocho hills, Egger tower, and Standhardt, Bífida and 4 dedos (4 fingers) needles.

It lasts: Full day It is available: Oct to March
Trek to Laguna de los Tres

We will repeat the way from El Chaltén to Poincenot campsite (4 hours) and move on to cross Blanco river. From there on, there is an uphill slope with about 400 metres of unevenness up to De los Tres lagoon. The way ends at the former edge of the glacial moraine, with an extraordinary view of De los Tres lake and glacier. That is the closest view of Fitz Roy hill granite wall and of its peripheral needles. Down the moraine, we can take a path that surrounds the lagoon up to its mouth, where we can appreciate the desolate Sucia lagoon and its hanging glaciers.

It lasts: Full day It is available: Oct to March
Trek to Salto del Chorrillo

This waterfall is 5 km away from El Chaltén, it is 15 metres high and it is hidden in the lower woods. We can get there on foot or by car, along the road to Del Desierto Lake, up to the signposted turnoff on the left of the road. From there, we have to walk down the path to the waterfall.

It lasts: Half day It is available : All year long
Laguna del Desierto Tour
It lasts: Half day It is available : Todo el año